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Spring 2023
Computer Vision: from Recognition to Geometry
General Info
Time : Fri. 789
Classroom : EE2-143
Grading : Four Homeworks (60%), Final Project (30%), Class / Talk Participation (10%)
All discussions will be held on NTU Cool
Instructors :
Prof. Shao-Yi Chien sychien@ntu.edu.tw
Date Topic
Feb 24 Introduction to Human Vision System  
Mar 1 Lab0 : Python and Basic Image Processing (NumPy + OpenCV)    18:30~20:00 @BL-113
Mar 3 Camera basic, Image Formation and Basic Image Processing
Mar 10 Feature Detection and Matching
HW #1 is out!
Mar 17 Machine Learning Basics (I)
Mar 17 Machine Learning Basics (II)
Mar 24 Deep Learning Basics
HW #2 is out!
Apr 7 Segmentation
Apr 14 Projective Geometry
Apr 21 Estimation of Transformations
HW #3 is out!
Apr 28 Single Camera Geometry / Camera Calibration
May 5 Two-View Geometry
May 12 Dense Motion Estimation / Stereo Matching
HW #4 is out!
May 19 Optical flow + Object Tracking
May 26 3D Reconstruction / Depth Sensing
Jun 2 Structure from Motion
Jun 9 Final Presentation!

TA Information
TA Name HW in charge Where Contact
Yu-Kai Chen (陳昱愷) Each HW, Final 博理-421 chenyukai@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Tzu-Chieh Liu (劉子傑) Final 博理-421 tzujliu@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Hsin-Yu Chen (陳欣妤) HW1 博理-421 hychen@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Yung-Wei Fan (范詠為) HW2 博理-421 ywfan@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Chia-Fu Liu (劉家甫) HW3 博理-421 cfliu@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
乂卍OoSmile奕勳oO卍乂 HW4 博理-421 smilel6g84@media.ee.ntu.edu.tw