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Fall 2018
Computer Vision: from Recognition to Geometry
General Info
Time: Wed 789 (14:20~17:20)
Classroom: EE2-143
Grading: Assignments (60%), Final Project (35%), Participation (5%)
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Prof. Shao-Yi Chien sychien AT ntu.edu.tw
Prof. Yu-Chiang Frank Wang ycwang AT ntu.edu.tw

Assignment #1 [score sheet]
Assignment #2 [score sheet]
Assignment #3 [score sheet]
Assignment #4 [score sheet]
Final score [score sheet]

Date Topic
Sep 12 Introduction + Human Vision System [slides] [slides]
Sep 19 Image Formation + Basic Image Processing [slides]
Mini-tutorial on Python + NumPy + OpenCV [materials]
Sep 26 Feature Detection and Matching [slides]
Assignment #1 is out! (deadline: Oct 16 11:00 pm) [slides] [materials]
Oct 3 Machine Learning 101 [slides]
Oct 10 Holiday!
Oct 17 Deep Learning Basics [slides]
Oct 24 Recognition and Detection [slides]
Assignment #2 is out! (deadline: Nov 13 11:00 pm) [slides] [dataset] [report template]
Oct 31 Segmentation [slides]
Nov 7 Projective Geometry [slides]
Nov 14 Estimation of Transformations [slides]
Assignment #3 is out! (deadline: Dec 4 11:00 pm) [slides] [materials]
Nov 21 Camera Models [slides]
Camera Calibration [slides]
Nov 28 Two-View Geometry [slides]
Dec 5 Stereo Matching [slides]
Assignment #4 is out! (deadline: Dec 28 11:00 pm) [slides] [materials]
Dec 12 Two-View Geometry (cont.) [slides]
Dec 19 3D Reconstruction [slides] [SFMedu]
Dec 26 Optical Flow + Object Tracking [slides]
Jan 2 Advanced Topics in CV
Jan 9 No Class
Jan 18 Final Project

Final Project
General Info [slides]
MTK Project [slides] (Materials can be downloaded from CEIBA.)
TA Hours
TA Name When Where Contact
Guan-Shiuan Kuo Mon 14:20 - 16:20 BL-527 r07942063 AT ntu.edu.tw
Fu-En Fred Yang Mon 14:20 - 16:20 BL-527 r07942077 AT ntu.edu.tw
Chih-Wei Wu Tue 14:00 - 15:30 BL-421 cwwu AT media.ee.ntu.edu.tw
Wei-Chih Tu Thu 14:00 - 15:30 MD-726 wctu AT media.ee.ntu.edu.tw